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I had a professor once, who repeated the adage “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail” so many times, that upon writing the words now, I am hearing them spoken in the sound of his voice. To young rebellious ears, the words were meaningless and pointless, but to the person planning their dream vacation to Paradise, the words are sound advice. Failing to properly plan can mean the difference between creating precious memories that last a lifetime or horrible experiences that may take a lifetime to forget. To ensure that you never experience the latter, We here at Simon’s Transports, have created an multi part series, “A Guide to The Perfect Bahama Mama”….No wait… wrong blog. Okay, found it! …A Multi-Part Series, “A Guide to Enjoying The Bahamas YOUR Way”

Travel Requirements

As excited as you may be about your long-anticipated vacation, there are several things we’d like for you to consider before you book your trip. As with many countries, the Bahamas is no different when it comes to border protection and  as such has travel requirements that need to be fulfilled to enter. Entry requirements vary and are based on your country of citizenship and residency.  Currently there are no visa requirements for persons that are citizens of the US or Canada.  Only  a valid passport is required. Citizens of other countries may have visa requirements, and/or require additional documentation, such as  immunization cards for entry. In the event that you do need a Bahamian Visa, please click here  for an application  and details on “How to Apply”. Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in you being denied entry. We would hate for you to be so close to Paradise… yet so far away.

When Do You Intend to Travel?

The best time to visit the Bahamas is from mid-December to mid-April. PRESS PAUSE!

Forget everything you’ve ever known about the perfect time to go anywhere in the world. The best time to travel should be based on you and what it is you want from your vacation. So, we’d like for you to ask yourself, ‘What kind of traveler am I?’ Sounds like a silly question, right? Clearly a traveler is a traveler that travels? No? Let’s take it even a step further then. What kind of person are you? Are you shy, reserved, introverted, or are you outgoing and friendly? Do you love the humdrum of busy airports and crowded beaches? Perhaps you’re the kind of person that likes to travel leisurely, taking in everything at your own pace instead of rushing to and fro. Do you spare no expense when it comes to having a good time or are you a budget traveler trying to maximize every dollar? Peak season, that time of year when travel is most active, can mean lots of new people to meet and have fun with. But it also translates into long lines, higher prices and no room at the inn….The use of beaches, park benches and stables for lodging is strictly prohibited.


Off-Season in the Bahamas is between May and November. Know what that means? You can get your haggle on! Take advantage of off-season sales and submerse yourself deep into island living, providing if that’s your thing. Only other major item we’d say to consider is the weather. Imagine taking off for paradise to enjoy sun, sand and sea only to have it rain the entire time or needing to be evacuated because of a looming Category 4 Hurricane.  The official hurricane season in the Bahamas starts from June 1st to November 30th of each year. The time you chose to travel has a big impact on your overall experience.   There’s no such thing as perfect timing, but the goal is to get close enough.

See you soon for Part 2!

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