Part 1: Getting Here
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Getting Here: Part 2

“Dey comin by boat, Dey comin by plane, the comin in wheelchair some walkin wit cane.” When Paradise beckons, you answer the call by any means necessary. There are several options on how to get here, let’s explore.

The Bahamas is an archipelago made up of some 700 islands and cays. Since teleportation isn’t an option yet, you’re arriving here one of two ways: by air or by sea. We’ll start off with my personal favorite: flying.

Commercial Flights

The island chain has some 42 commercial airports, however most international flights only fly into 2. The major airport, Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) formerly known as Nassau International Airport (NAS) is located on the island of New Providence. There tends to be some confusion because both names are still used, so when booking your car or hotel keep in mind that LPIA and NAS are one and the same.  The second largest airport is located on the island of Grand Bahama.

The islands of the Bahamas are not connected by road or bridge. This is important information to know when choosing your arriving airport. The last thing you need is to find yourself on the wrong island!  Decide which island you’d like to visit and check with your carrier to see if they service the airport that you intend to use. Some of the major carriers that provide service into The Bahamas are American Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, Copa Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest, Sun Wing, West Jet, United, Virgin Atlantic, and our very own homegrown Bahamasair.

Bahamsair along with several other small airlines such as Southern Air, Sky Bahamas, Flamingo Air, Lee Air and Western Air provide inter-island flights if you wish to travel between the islands of The Bahamas. Visit their respective websites for flight schedules. Private charters are also available. Inquiries or arrangements can be made at General Aviation.

Flying Privately

Some people hate travelling. No. That’s not true. What most people hate is the hassle associated with travelling. The lost bags and long lines, the screaming babies and rude attendants, the endless delays or at it’s worst, the cancellations that can leave you stranded in a foreign place. You may be in the position where you don’t have to deal with those inconveniences and opt to fly in privately. An outline of the procedures and supporting documents needed to fly in privately can be found here. You can also check out AOPA’s Flight Planning Guide for even more detailed info. The two airports on New Providence that can accommodate your aircraft are Odyssey Aviation and Nassau Jet Aviation.

By Sea

For our travelers who prefer the motion of the ocean, travelling by sea is also an option for you.  Several cruise lines call on the Port of Nassau. They include but are not limited to; Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney, MSC, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. Some cruise lines have their own exclusive private islands in The Bahamas while others may have Grand Bahama as a port of call.

If you own a big boy toy such as a yacht or catamaran you are surely going to love sailing into The Bahamas.  Crystal clear waters, big game fishing, and multi-destinations all for the price of one. Remember there are 700 stops to choose from! If your arriving by boat, please check out the Entering & Exiting Polices for the Bahamas.

Whether you choose air or sea, Simon’s Transports can assist with all your transportation needs. Be it a pickup from your airport or cruise terminal to your hotel and back again, a tour of the island or a visit to the local stores for provisions for your sailing trip, just give us a ring.

We’ve covered the when, and the how. Stay tuned for “What  All You Need to Pack”. Your’e going to need a bit more than just sunscreen, bikinis and a straw hat.

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