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Ever notice when you seek advice on a subject matter you are bombarded with a “one size fits all” solution. The fact that we all have different needs, wants and expectations is rarely taken into consideration. When it comes to “What to Pack for Paradise” the rule is no different. I could give you a big ole master list of things to bring and do you know what you’d have? Tons of items that you didn’t need and probably won’t use. Want to know what’s even worst than that? You paid extra baggage and transportation fees just to bring them with you. 

The needs of  a nursing mother differ from that of a surfer.  Sometime’s you’re travelling for work, sometimes you’re travelling for pleasure. Instead of some generic list, I want you to ask yourself a series of questions. You can then create a list tailored specifically to you based on your responses. 

The top 3 questions I ask myself when I’m packing for a trip are:

  1. How long will I be travelling for?
  2. What activities will I engage in while I’m there?
  3. Who’s travelling with me?

Seems silly right?  Because there’s no way it can be that simple.  I can assure that it is and I would like for you to ask yourself the same.  Let’s get started. 

How long will you be travelling for? 

A weekend with the girls, a day away business trip or a week long family vacation; For however long or short, your luggage should be:

  • light enough for you to lift 
  • strong and durable enough to accommodate your things 
  • recognizable to you. I’ve found that a brightly colored shower curtain ring on my luggage helped me quickly identify it in a sea of black luggage spinning on a carousel.

A business traveler, for example, may like saving time at the airport and abhors check-in fees or just the confusion of locating Baggage Claims, may opt for a carry-on only or prefer the versatility of a backpack. Personally, backpacks are my favorite…I am a sucker for hands-free. I can be arguing with a ticket agent, tending to a baby, reading a book or responding to emails on my phone with the comfort of knowing that some unscrupulous person is not wheeling away with my bag. 

Of course if you have an extended stay, plan on bringing gifts with you and or  taking some back with you, you’re going to need something larger. However,  I have found the larger the suitcase the more inclined you’ll feel to fill it up. Which is why I normally choose my suitcase last. Check with your flight carrier for the number of bags you are allowed per person and luggage weight restrictions. The last thing you want is to be THAT person unpacking and rearranging items at the check- in counter.  Horrifying!  

Handbag, man purse, backpack whichever bag you carry on your person should be the bag you carry the items you cannot afford to lose or do without:

  • Passports & Tickets (make sure your passport is valid)
  • Driver’s license  if you intended to rent a car (some places may require 2 forms of government issued photo ID) 
  • Wallet – Cash & Credit Cards (Let your card company know beforehand that you’re travelling, otherwise they may freeze your card)
  • Travel & Health Insurance Info (later in this series we are going to talk about Handling Emergencies in Paradise)
  • Medication 
  • Glasses, Sunglasses or Extra Contacts + Case
  • Cellphone & Charger
  • Emergency contacts especially if you are travelling alone

Email yourself copies of your passport, travel and health insurance. Be sure to have also your car service confirmation, hotel reservation and copies of your itineraries either printed our saved in a note taking app or photo gallery on your cell phone so they are accessible even without data service.

What activities will you engage in while you are in Nassau?

—Are you travelling for business? Make sure you have your laptop, company work phone and your presentation/sales pitch/speech.

—Are you planning on attending a fancy dinner or a wedding? Be sure to pack your tux or a nice gown for that formal dinner. 

—Beach bum or lounging around for your entire stay? Swimwear, sunglasses, your straw hat and loads of sunscreen. 

–Touring the island? Shorts, tank tops, sneakers and quality camera to capture the experience.

—The adventurer/explorer? Check with your hotel or excursion company if the required equipment is provided complimentary or is available for rent. I kid you not… I once saw someone with a Kayak coming through the airport. No, you do not have to bring your Kayak all the way here. We have those here too.

The amount of clothing pieces you bring will again be determined by how long you will be staying.  Choose clothing that cando double duty., pieces that you can dress up for a night on a town or meeting or down for exploring the island.   

Some hotels like the Harborside at Atlantis and most vacation home rentals in Nassau or Paradise Island have washers and dryers, so if you don’t mind doing laundry during your trip, you will save yourself the hassle of lugging behind loads of luggage and of course save some moula!

Who’s travelling with you?

Travelling with kids? Their favorite toy, games to keep them entertained during long delays and extra changes of clothing in your carry on for them. 

Travelling with friends?  Adult beverages can be purchased locally.  You wouldn’t want to risk spilled bottles in your luggage. That would simply be devastating!  

Travelling with spouse/partner? Your sexiest underwear. Or no underwear.  Period. 

Here at Simon’s Transports, the leading private car service provider in Nassau and Paradise Island Bahamas, we receive many calls about whether or not to bring diapers, baby food and formula, car seats and boosters. No need to lug those items with you. Our local grocery stores carry many of the big brands that you are accustomed to:  Huggies, Pampers, Gerber, Enfamil, Similac and Nestle. We offer a 30 minute complimentary grocery/liquor stop so you can purchase whatever you need. Persons with special dietary needs, can find familiar products in these stores.  Boosters and car seats can be made available for your transfer at no extra charge. Be sure to make the request when booking. 

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