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I like old Western films. They may not be anyone else’s favorite genre, but I like ‘em. A cowboy shows up in some middle of some nowhere town, slams down a gold coin or two and asks the barkeep for his best room.  I am always tickled by the fact that the ‘best room’ is  nothing more than a closet with a straw filled mattress, a wooden desk sometimes with or without a chair, and a tin bathtub, if he’s lucky. To the cowboy who has  been in the saddle for weeks on end, trekking the nations rough terrain, avoiding being killed or robbed, having something to eat that he didn’t have to hunt and prepare himself, finally having a place where he  can soak and wash the dirt off, the little room above the saloon is the Ritz Carlton.  

We can take a page from the cowboy when choosing a place to stay.

  1. How many gold coins do you have?
  2. Are you a lone cowboy or travelling with a posse?
  3. What comforts do you need to wind down from a long day or prepare for the day ahead?

Everyone has different needs and that there is no one size fits all vacation. Often, we base our choices predominately on how many gold coins we have, there are now many travel websites dedicated to helping us do both: getting us the best value for the  money we have.

We wanted to get a feel of what you experience when searching for your hotel. So, we did a simple search: Hotels in Nassau. We’d like to take this opportunity to apologize. There’s no reason why your search should’ve returned some 27,700,000 results. Hotel: “A commercial establishment providing lodging, meals and other guest services. To be called a hotel, an establishment must have a minimum of six letting rooms, at least three of which must have attached private bathroom facilities.” (Thank you  There, now you’re left with about 30 to 40 choices. You’re welcome.


You’ve set your budget. Let us see what your gold coins can get you. You  work hard so you want to reward yourself, or maybe it’s a special occasion: a birthday, engagement, retirement, honeymooners or perhaps your fortunate enough for luxury to be your lifestyle. In The Bahamas, if luxury is what you’re looking for you will definitely find it here at one of these top notch hotels. The Island House, Albany, Rosewood at Baha Mar, SLS at Baha Mar, Sandals Royal BahamianGraycliffThe Ocean Club a Four Seasons Resort, or Cove at The Atlantis will all leave you never wanting to sleep in your own bed again. Starting prices per night can be anywhere from $400 to $2500.

Need something more modest but still picturesque? Breezes Superclubs, Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar, Melia, British Colonial Hilton, Warwick, Reef at The Atlantis, Royal at The Atlantis and Harbourside at The Atlantis can provide you with that and more starting prices per night range from $181 to $380.

Location for your Posse…or No Posse

We all have a friend/family who is late in getting everywhere and have missed a flight or two. Sigh  For this very same reason booking hotels near the airport would be a a good idea. .  I’ve also heard some travelers say they want to be able to “get out quickly” in case something happens. Being near the airport provides them with peace of mind. The hotels that are located within 10 to 15 minutes of the airport include: Albany, Island House, Melia, Super Club Breezes and Baha Mar (which comprises of 3 hotels: Grand Hyatt, SLS and Rosewood).  With us as your Nassau Bahamas airport transportation provider, you don’t have to worry about missing your flight.

Some travelers like being in the heart of the city. They enjoy watching the city come to life.  These are ideal for business or lone travelers.  At the city’s center you will find one of the island’s oldest hotels British Colonial Hilton. Surrounding city attractions like Pompey Museum, the Straw Market and Government House (residence of the Governor General) are all within walking distance of the hotel.  Graycliff, another of Nassau’s historic hotels with it’s old world charm offers, 5-star cuisine; and for my cigar enthusiasts, a Humidor. 

Maybe a 35 minutes drive to your hotel doesn’t bother you a bit.  After all, you are accustomed to hours in the car car pooling your little ones. Your are simply eager to get them to Kids play land in Paradise and you can finally get some shut eye poolside. Check out the various Towers in Atlantis or Comfort Suites on Paradise Island for your best hotel match.    

Required Comforts

May we please have a show of hands if you’ve been mislead to buying something based on glitzzy photos? Then the product arrive and it’s nothing like the item pictured online or in a magazine! **Raises hand slowly**. Unfortunately, hotels can be like that. You visit the site and it’s all glitz and glam. Pictures of endless choices of restaurants, bars, great ads about the hotel’s free parking, free internet, and being non-smoking.  Commercials filled with guests making laps or lounging poolside or in a cabana, are the things great vacations are made of. Read the fine print. Just because a hotel has a swimming pool doesn’t mean you might have access to it. So ask questions. The same goes for Wi-Fi, and in-room phone privileges. Free internet might actually translate into a few minutes access before charges kick in. Don’t assume that some things are complimentary find out in detail what’s included in your room rates: For example, you may notice guests wearing different colored bands when you arrive at your hotel this can mean varying access to clubs, restaurants, fitness facilities, swimming pools, cabanas and bars

All-inclusive. I have a love hate relationship with the word. Food, room, and transportation to and from the airport. Make sure that you and your hotel are on the same page to things “all-inclusive”. Your expectation of airport transportation may be that of black car service and your personal chauffeur like you’d receive with us here at Simon’s Transports. Your reality  however, might be a rickety taxi or shared ride that keeps you waiting for 45 minutes and then makes what seems like a million stops before getting you to your hotel or back to the airport.    So much for not being late. 

Make your list of the things that you need. Does your hotel offer laundered services for your extended stay? Do you have special dietary needs will room service accommodate them? Are there room options if one preferred to prepare their own meals? Atlantis Harborside has laundered services and in-room kitchens. (You can stock up on groceries on your way in. Book with us here Simon’s Transports and take advantage of a 30 minute grocery stop at no extra charge). Does your room come with full access to hotel’s property? Can they print your presentation for your next meeting or allow you access to a private room to take a conference call?  Is there wheelchair access and activities for someone who has a physical disability? What are the check-in and check out times and cancellation policies? Will your hotel hold your bags for you if there’s several hours between your checkout and pickup time? Ask the questions and find out what costs are associated in fulfilling your must haves. Are they in line with your budget? Taking this approach will help you narrow the list down quickly. 

So get to it and we’ll see you soon!

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